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Argenta building

"Selling the house allowed us to buy our holiday home at a reduced price because we were cash buyers and now enjoy most weekends away in the Peak District"
Mr S, Herts

"Having been impressed by your initial contact about selling our investment property, you certainly kept your promise and completed the transaction really quickly - many thanks"
Mr & Mrs G, Oxfordshire

"We were very pleased to sell so quickly and without all the hassle of using an agent and would recommend you"
Mr & Mrs A, Essex

"Very professional, good price and very smooth and pain free sale"
Mrs S, Somerset

"We were fed up with not ever knowing if we would get to enjoy are property and when the tenant re-married, we just knew it would never be in our lifetime. Very pleased you came along just at the right time and we now have the extra cash to enjoy all the things we wanted to do"
Mr & Mrs S, Cornwall

"We were left this flat with the expectation of getting it vacant and selling it, not so! Our soilicitor explained about the tenants right to stay which was a bombshell to say the least but we were very happy to sell to you and so quickly too!"
Mr D, Hampshire

"No hesitation in selling, glad to be rid"
Miss C, Bristol

"I had tried selling through a local estate agent but got very low offers and was delighted to sell to you at a more realistic price, no fees and very quickly"
Mr C-B, Sussex